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 BF4 Information

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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 10:09 pm

phantom unlock
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 27, 2014 12:21 am

The Mateba Model 6 Unica is a semi-automatic revolver developed in Italy and sold by the Mateba company. The weapon uses the recoil from firing to rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer, unlike conventional revolvers, which depend on the user physically pulling the trigger and/or cocking the hammer to actuate the weapon's mechanism of operation. The Mateba Autorevolver's barrel alignment is different from most other revolvers. The barrel is aligned with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top. This lowers the bore axis (line of the barrel) which directs the recoil in line with the shooter's hand thereby reducing the twisting motion or muzzle flip of normal revolvers.
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptySun Jul 27, 2014 2:35 pm

Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Weapons Guide
Posted by: Rhys Egner  in Game Guides July 22, 2014 0 733 Views

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth has added a lot of really cool weapons to the game. Some are great, some are okay. Overall, you’re definitely more likely to use these than some other oddball guns in Battlefield 4. The purpose of this guide is to help you unlock them and know when to use them. Some fill a certain niche, like the CS5, while other are great for pretty much any scenario.
Battlefield 4
Unica 6
To get the Unica 6, just open the flood gates on Sunken Dragon and get 5 kills while swimming. That’s pretty easy, but be warned that the floodgates on Sunken Dragon cannot be accessed on Chain Link, Rush, or Domination. Just use it once and get five swimming kills (your target doesn’t have to be in the water, just you).
The Unica 6 excels at… Not much. It’s a decent revolver, but with the DEagle 44 (also introduced in Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth), it’s nothing short of middling. Hey, at least the reload animation is cool, right? Right?
Battlefield 4
DEagle 44
This one’s a bit trickier. Take your new Unica 6 (you’ll need it for this one) to a Pistols/Knives only server, and start aiming for the head. Pick off stragglers; don’t just get up to choke points (and I’m not joking about aiming for the head). The Unica 6 is a one-shot kill with a headshot, so you can drop people with it really quickly. Do this 20 times to get the DEagle 44.
The DEagle 44 excels at everything the other pistols compete over. It’s a 2-shot kill at any range (just keep in mind long range still isn’t viable), fires very quickly, and has a speedy reload.
While its recoil is definitely its saving grace from the dreaded potential nerf, it’s still very capable when managed well. In fact, a competent DEagle user can come out on top in most close-range engagements; just make sure you’re actually pointing it at them.
Battlefield 4
10 kills versus Engineers, 10 kills versus Supports, 10 kills versus Recons. They (and you) have to be on foot, but this easy challenge unlocks a powerful assault rifle.
While the 20-round magazine may turn you off, don’t despair! The bulldog’s impressive damage and recoil allows for you to take down enemies with alarming efficiency at decent ranges. You’re not going to be sniping with this thing, but it’s not like that was the idea, either. Keep a dot sight on this thing, though — it has some of the worst iron sights in the game (not FAMAS-level bad, but still very bad).
Battlefield 4
2 PDW ribbons (that’s 5 kills in a round for each ribbon), 10 orders followed per round (get your squad leader to give you orders, then do them), and 10 links in Chain Link (play Chain Link and you’ll get this).
This is a gun that requires some work to earn, but it’s a relatively powerful PDW for relatively little effort. I still say the MP7 is the best PDW in the game (woot woot!), but this isn’t a terrible choice, either. That’s not to mention its impressive CQB abilities, which are the recurring theme of the Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth weapons.
Battlefield 4
My personal hell. I’m not a sniper, and getting even 5 sniper rifle kills in a round to get this was painful. But I managed, and after that it was just 20 spot assists and 10 squad spawns on my spawn beacon.
The CS5 excels at high bullet velocity with high close-range damage. Its greatest weakness is ballistics drop. This gun’s bullets fall so quickly, you’re swear it was a bottom fishing lure. Otherwise, with low-zoom optics this gun is a destructive beast in competent hands (not my own). It also comes with a pre-unlocked suppressor. While it won’t win any marksmanship awards with it attached, the CS5 has one of the quietest reports of any rifle in the game. You’re effectively a whisper-quiet marksman with the right Field Upgrade tier equipped with a suppressed CS5.
Battlefield 4
Ballistic Shield
Getting this thing has the potential to make you grind your teeth into powder. 5 savior kills (kill an enemy immediately after they damaged a teammate) is tricky enough, but you might have to go out of your way to get the 20 suppression assists (that means shoot at but do not kill enemies, and allow your teammates to kill them instead). Lastly, just destroy 3 deployed enemy explosives. This can range from M2 SLAMs to C4 to claymores (heh).
The ballistic shield is only truly good for soaking up damage from a very small angle (about 60-70 degrees in front of you). That said, it definitely makes you the primary target of your fireteam, allowing you to easily draw enemy attention towards you with your big black shield of “gives no f**ks”. If you intend to take a hit or thirty for the team, take the ballistic shield and start tanking.

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PostSubject: BF4 Video Competition   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 3:22 pm

Video Competition these guys must be really young!!!

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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyWed Aug 27, 2014 12:47 pm

Players that have chosen to install the latest 64-bit version of Google Chrome will not currently be able to play Battlefield via Battlelog on PC. We are working to fix this problem. In the meantime, we are encouraging affected users to downgrade to the 32-bit version of Google Chrome or use another web browser. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Wow so my for testing before release!!!
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PostSubject: Dealing With Cheating on the Battlefield   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 06, 2014 12:40 pm

Cheaters are a big problem in today’s games and especially in first person shooters. It’s my job to fight them in Battlefield as best we can and I’ve noticed frustration coming from the players regarding what’s being done in this matter. I’d like to share some of the work we do on the anti-cheat team.


If you don’t already know, we introduced a new anti-cheat software called FairFight for PC that monitors each players’ gameplay and flags the player when they do something suspicious or something that no legit player can do. Creating a new rule takes time. We need to make sure that the rule is configured and tested properly before we start taking any action on it. Rules needs to be analyzed and validated. No legit player will be banned based on having multiple awesome rounds. The rules aren’t built based on solely K/D stats, FairFight takes more than that into consideration. The evidence we collect are solid and there’s no doubt that the player was cheating.

With FairFight, we can also put out restricted areas – areas where players can go into walls and be hidden and not killed. When a player enters these restricted areas they will get kicked from the server. Restricted areas have been put there by FairFight as a temporary fix until the teams can release proper fixes to the matter. Metro and Locker have had a lot of these glitches fixed since release, and when we find new ones (either ourselves or with the help from the community) we try to get a fix out as soon as possible.

The Banning Process

Our policy on banning cheaters is very strict – we only ban a player if there’s evidence that he or she is in fact cheating as we don’t want any false positives. I’m not saying that no evidence = no cheating, it’s just that we can’t ban anyone if there’s no solid evidence of it. Suspect players are being monitored a bit closer, and we look for other ways to prove their guilt.

So what kind of evidence could the community look for? It could be abnormal stats or uploading a video on YouTube (please do not do any editing to the video). Players being caught cheating will never just receive a stat reset, they will always get a time-based suspension or a ban. Disputes will always be read and checked against the evidence.

Keep in mind that cheating players will always tell the world that they are innocent and that their stats on Battlelog might not contain anything suspect. They are instructed by their providers to have normal stats so they can fool FairFight and not get caught. Most cheat distributors have lists telling their clients how to play and not get caught by FairFight. Well, it’s not working. We are catching them.


It’s great that the community helps out reporting suspect players, but we’ll never ban a player based on just reports. We use them as guidelines to who we should monitor a bit closer. Around 97% of the reports are players getting reported by someone else just one time. Insanely good players are playing Battlefield and they may come across as cheaters. Some of them may of course be cheating and sooner or later they will get caught. We have had some of the best players at DICE playing, and it’s totally awesome to see their gameplay.

My team and I are working hard every day to make the anti-cheat effort as good as it can be but improvement takes time. Some improvements might be implemented instantly since it’s an easier feature while others might take a longer time. I often read forum threads and take everything you say into consideration since there are great ideas out there and some of them are already implemented. I encourage you to continue to help flag cheaters to us so everyone can enjoy the game.

I hope this shows that we are taking the cheating matter seriously and that it proves that we are improving our efforts to catch the bad guys.


Sabina af Jochnick
Battlefield Anti-Cheat Administrator
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 6:12 am

Tweaks and fixes incoming! We are happy to inform you that the anticipated Fall Patch for Battlefield 4 is right around the corner. The certification has started on several platforms and the Fall Patch is targeted for release at the end of September.

bf4-fall-patch-1Community Test Environment Update
Our focus for the Fall Patch on the CTE (Community Test Environment) has been to stabilize and finalize the build and this has meant less updates than normal. We’d like to thank you all for your patience during this time – we appreciate you sticking in there.

Fall Patch Highlights
So what are we improving? First of all: the final fix list for the Fall Patch is fairly massive and will be released when the patch goes live. The full patch notes will contain all changes in more detail. In the meantime however, here are some of the Fall Patch highlights that you can expect:

Game modes
- Rush (All base game maps except Dawnbreaker), Obliteration, Capture the Flag, and Carrier Assault. Added the Obliteration Competitive sub-game mode

Sight Improvements
- Close & Medium range sight reticles no longer affected by weapon firing animation, AKA “Visual Recoil”
- Improved visibility for red glowing reticule pieces against bright backgrounds

Player Movement
- Now almost identical to BF3 movement – with BF4 animation sets
- Dampened third person hit reactions for player head

HUD clarification pass
- De-cluttered and made customizable a plethora of HUD options to make BF4 look the way you want it to (within reason)

Revive mechanic
- Made revives much more robust, easier to understand with new UI art and included a new “fully charged” paddle sound.

- Lowering the setting for how much time difference is allowed when damaging other players (addressing trade kills and behind cover kills where high pings are involved)
- An automatic High Frequency Update setting is now the default for all users
- Added High Frequency update support to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms
- Additional improvements to bullet damage delays between clients compared to Netcode Patch

Weapon attachment changes
- Muzzle Brake: Reduced the overall impact of this attachment. Both its positives and negatives have been reduced
- Heavy Barrel: Lowered the buff it gave to minimum moving spread and moved some of that bonus into reduced spread increase. Should be a good option for longer range tap firing
- Lasers: Small buff to standing hip-fire accuracy

Weapon changes
Note that this list contains an excerpt – the upcoming patch notes will have a detailed list.

- Bullet velocity increases: Improved bullet velocity for Slugs and nearly all suppressed weapons. Selectively improved base velocity for weapons that were too slow for their intended range
- Damage Model: Many weapons have had their maximum and minimum damage adjusted slightly. It may take 1 extra bullet to kill at extremely close engagements and long range combat
- Trigger Delay: Removed from all revolvers
- Adjustments to slower rate of fire weapons to make them easier to use at longer ranges vs higher ROF weapons
- Carbines and PDWs now have unique bullpup modifiers that give improved bonuses over the rifle counterpart
- Ammo: Gave more ammo to the weapons that were short a mag compared to their counterparts
- DMRs: Audio when being shot at by a DMR has been improved
- SKS and M39EMR no longer allow you to hold breath
- Grenade capacity lowered and resupply times increased.


Start of the Teamplay Initiative!
The new Teamplay Initative on the CTE, which will be implemented in our coming releases, will focus on the teamplay aspects of Battlefield 4. Our goal is to improve, simplify, and make playing the objective (PTFO) more rewarding than it has ever been.

This initiative will span more than one release, as there are many things to look at. We will of course continue looking at the previous remaining issues and fixes in the areas of Netcode, Core Gameplay and balance as we go on.

For the Final Stand release, we will try and get these things addressed in time on the CTE:

- Gameplay objective scoring re-balance (make playing the objective more desirable)
- Health and ammo pack re-balance
- Fix for Neutral/Friendly roadkills exploit and getting killed by own vehicle
- Distance Spotting changes to make spotting at a distance more precise
- Footprint sound and random callouts improvements

This small list of features only scratch the surface of what we want to look at. A full list of our goals with this initiative will be published on the CTE this week if you are interested what we’ll be working on in following releases.

Taking part of the CTE
To experience early content and test features and improvements in the CTE, you currently need to own Battlefield 4 on PC and be a BF4 Premium member. To sign up, visit Hurry while there are still open slots available!

And as always – a big Thank You to all the players who have helped or is helping making us make Battlefield 4 a better game to play!

David Sirland
Battlefield 4 Live Producer
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyTue Oct 07, 2014 6:43 pm

Introduced by popular demand through the Battlefield 4 Fall Update, the Classic Mode rule preset gives players even more choice in how to enjoy Battlefield 4 multiplayer. Since some of you may not know everything Classic Mode entails we wanted to provide you a little more detail.

Unlike Hardcore mode, all HUD elements, including health and ammo, are visible in Classic Mode.

Increasing the Challenge

Classic Mode is influenced by the play style of Battlefield 2 and is designed for players seeking stronger team play and tougher challenges in their multiplayer experience. Difficulty-wise, Classic Mode can be placed somewhere between Normal and Hardcore mode in Battlefield 4, with some of the assisting features removed or altered, and a heavy emphasis on working together as a team.

The shape of Classic Mode comes from your feedback, and we at DICE have truly enjoyed trying out this preset together with the community. Let’s look at the major rule changes in Classic Mode:

No 3D spotting: Spotting an enemy will not make a triangle-shaped icon appear above the enemy’s head in Classic Mode. Spotted enemies will however be visible on the mini-map as usual.

Health and no regeneration: In Classic Mode, the health level is the same as in the Normal preset. However, the health of a soldier or a vehicle will not regenerate automatically, making Medpacks and Repair Tools even more crucial. Make sure to have the Engineer and Assault players nearby!

Squad leader spawn: Your squad leader is now your lifeline to jumping into the heat of battle as you can’t spawn on your other squad members. Move as a squad and protect your squad leader in order to maintain the upper hand!

Reloading: As every good Battlefield player knows: every bullet counts. In Classic Mode this is truer than ever, since a reload results in the loss of any remaining bullets in your mag. Grab a Support player with an Ammo box and hang tight to him if you want to keep pumping out bullets!

No third-person vehicle cam: Jumping into a thrilling Classic Mode dogfight or tank battle? Then prepare to rely on your skills piloting vehicles in first person – and first person only.

When you’re deploying in Classic Mode you can only spawn on your squad leader.

Other Features of Classic Mode

Other Classic Mode rules worth mentioning is that Friendly Fire is turned off by default, and the Killcam is disabled. You’ll still see who killed you and with what weapon, but the orange silhouette of your foe and his position and direction from where you were killed won’t be there.
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyWed Oct 15, 2014 2:42 pm

With Battlefield 4 Final Stand right around the corner, we’ve prepped some intel on what to expect when the expansion hits. Read on for map info, release date, and more…

Ice and snow dominates the Battlefield this time around. Watch out for the harsh blizzards of Operation Whiteout.

This is Your New Battlefield

Make sure to pack your thermal underwear when you throw yourself in the all-new, wintry maps of Final Stand. You’ll fight through both enemy fire and the Siberian cold in Operation Whiteout, and explore a submarine base when you hit the mountainous Hammerhead. Military secrets and hints of future battlefields lie within Hangar 21, and in Giants of Karelia you’ll encounter both rural areas and a high-tech weapons factory.

Surprise the enemy team with the XD-1 Accipiter, a remotely operated, LMG-equipped flying drone.

Hi-tech Military Gear

In Final Stand you’ll get your mitts on incredible hi-tech vehicles and military hardware of the near future. For instance, we have a hunch that you’ll love piloting the HT-95 Levkov, with the capability to move sideways with strafing. The mere sight of the devastating Rorsch MK-1will make sharp shooters drool, and the flying XD-1 Accipiter is another explosive Battle Pickup that will give you the upper hand on the Battlefield.

You’ll see shades of Battlefield 2142 inside the hi-tech factory of Giants of Karelia.

Get Ahead With Gadgets

Any other toys lined up? You bet. On top of all mentioned, you can expect gadgets such as the Target Detector that attaches to DMR’s and Carbines and lets you auto-spot the enemy. The DS-3 DECOY emits false blips on the enemies mini-maps, fooling them into thinking they’ve got company.

The new Snowmobile lets you move rapidly over the vast and cold Battlefield.

Play Final Stand in the Community Test Environment

We also want to let those of you taking part in our Community Test Environment know that Final Stand will be available in the CTE this week starting on Wednesday, October 15 at 3pm PDT. The Final Stand content you play this week is much closer to what the final release version will be, so check it out and let us know what you think.

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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyFri Nov 07, 2014 10:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptySat Nov 15, 2014 6:17 am

The epic conclusion is imminent. Battlefield 4 Final Stand, featuring 4 all-new arctic maps packed with futuristic military hardware, will be available on November 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium members. And we’ve got a lot in stock for those who’ll join the fight among the snowy Russian landscapes…

We’ve worked hard to ensure you’ll have a blast with the new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles featured in Final Stand. You’ll traverse the environments with the new Snowmobile and use the strafing abilities of the new Hovertank. High-tech prototype weapons like the devastating railgun Rorsch MK-1 should also give an itch to your trigger finger.

The all-new maps include the Siberian, blizzard-ridden Operation Whiteout – and the thrilling Hammerhead which lets you fight around a submarine base. Take a good peek at the hi-tech gadgets in the military installation of Hangar 21, and the vast Giants of Karelia, set around a weapons factory.

Battlefield 4 Final Stand will be available to all non-Premium members starting on December 2. If you’re eager to jump into Final Stand with a 2-week head start – become a Battlefield 4 Premium member.
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PostSubject: Re: BF4 Information   BF4 Information - Page 2 EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 5:29 pm

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BF4 Information
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